General Dentistry

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At Union Dental, we have an expert team of dentists who are all well versed in the art of general dentistry. As a result, we offer a comprehensive list of dental services at our practice. Whether it be having your wisdom teeth removed, root canal treatment, or simply looking for a custom-fit mouth guard for your sporting activities, Union Dental has the appropriate treatment for you.

It is important that you maintain your regular visit with our dentists at Union Dental Surgery so you can benefit from our general dentistry expertise by maintaining healthy teeth and gums, maintaining fresh breath, and maintaining a whiter and brighter smile.

General Dental Services Available

1. Comprehensive Dental Assessment

The best preventative care is not complete without a comprehensive dental examination and professional cleaning session. Have you scheduled your twice-yearly check-and-clean appointment with our dentist yet?

2. Root Canal Treatment

Scary as they sound, root canal treatments are among the safest and most routine procedures in dentistry. Root canals are designed to save your tooth when it has been compromised by a severe tooth decay or injury. The therapy further serves to relieve the associated pain while minimising further damage to the infected tooth.

3. Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to wisdom teeth, you shouldn’t wait too long to extract them, that is, before they wreak havoc in your mouth – causing excruciating pain, even resulting in the need for complex surgery.

If in doubt, always get the dentist’s professional opinion. Using x-ray, you will be thoroughly assessed for any potential risks and, where necessary, offered the safest and least invasive treatment option possible.

4. White Fillings

More patients are waking up to the benefits of white fillings as one of the most aesthetic methods for treating cavities. White composite resin fillings afford better strength, improved aesthetics and a more direct method of treatment – suitable for both front and back teeth.