Our History

Union Dental was first established in year 1999, in Bukit Mertajam, Penang by our principal dentist, Dr Goon Yong Por. From our beginning as a single clinic serving the locals, Union Dental has grown continuously and steadily over 20 years. We now have 9 branches strategically located across northern region of Malaysia, ensuring the community to receive the highest standard of dental care. Consider these milestones :

Union Dental Surgery

Established since 1999
  • Alma Main Clinic

    It was started with a little general dental clinic located in Alma, Bukit Mertajam, on 2nd January 1999 by our principal dentist, Dr. Goon. Every beginning is hard, with only one surgical room, the clinic ran a very long working hours daily to serve the locals.
  • Go Digital

    Marked the year we step into digital clinic management. We started to go paperless with registration, treatment records and billing. Patient's data can be accessed easily by just one click.
  • Modern Endodontic System

    With the rising dental awareness in the community, Dr.Goon had decided to bring in rotary endodontic filing system (Profile, originates from USA) into the practise in order to deliver quality service with increased longevity of our dental works.
  • 3D Thermoplastic Obturation

    We had installed Obtura (originates from USA) to be on a par with the global standard and becoming the pioneer of modern endodontic treatment in Northern Malaysia.
  • Start of Group Practice

    We expanded our facility and becoming the first group practise model in Seberang Perai. We installed additional two dental chairs in our clinic and at the same time we had recruited more dentists to join us.
  • Sungai Bakap Branch Opening

    We had expanded our practise by setting up our first branch in Sungai Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan, Penang, in January 2006.
  • Introducing Dental Implant

    After completing his special training in dental implant, Dr Goon brought it in to our practise, providing an additional option for missing tooth replacement for our patients. The first dental implant placed was to replace a missing lateral incisor.
  • First Panoramic X-ray machine

    We installed a brand new Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine in our Alma main clinic. It was the first Panoramic X-Ray machine in Bukit Mertajam, easing the locals as they no longer needed to travel to hospitals in Penang Island for a panoramic x-ray (OPG).
  • Private Practice Services and Facility Act

    Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia established Cawangan Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (CKAPS) to regulate private medical and dental services together with facilities. All registered practitioners required to put on record to be regulated under this body. We had all of our dentists registered with this specific body and always making sure that we are up to the standard.
  • Introduce Damon Braces System

    Dr. Goon completed his particular training in Damon Orthodontic Program, a low-friction passive self-ligating braces. Since then we started to provide Damon Braces to our beloved patients, giving them a more pleasant and comfortable braces journey.
  • Upgrading Software system

    Due to the constantly growing patient volume, we upgraded our clinic management software to Gloco Clinic Management Software, which aimed to provide a better data security.
  • Bayan Baru Branch Opening

    We continue to grow and had set up our second branch in Bayan Baru. This is our first clinic designed with open concept to create a more inviting space and to make dental visits less daunting.
  • Ipoh Branch Opening

    We started to expand our service beyond Penang state. Our third branch was set up in Desa Rishah, a new and growing township in Ipoh, Perak.
  • Sungai Petani Branch Opening

    We set foot in Kedah by setting up our forth branch in Sungai Petani, a fastest growing town in Kedah. Our premise is in very close proximity to Amanjaya Mall which is one of the biggest shopping mall in Sungai Petani.
  • Cone Beam CT Scan

    For a more precise treatment planning, we had installed a Cone Beam CT scan in our Alma Clinic. A 3-dimensional scan of your teeth enabling us to provide a high standard of dental care.
  • Upgrading Software to Cloud

    To cope with our expansion, we once again upgrade our clinic management software to Doctor Assist Clinic Management System. With the enhanced security on the data and the ability to utilize cloud server for backup purpose, we able to have a better management.
  • Ayer Itam Branch Opening

    It was "Ooi Dental Surgery" owned by Dr Ooi Ah Sue previosly, who had been serving for 30 years and had planned for retirement. After making an upgrade to the existing premise following regulations, we started our operation in April 2017 after receiving our license from CKAPS.
  • Tanjung Bungah Branch Opening

    In the same year but later in May, we expanded our area of service by setting up our sixth branch in Tanjung Bungah.
  • Invisalign Provider Certification

    We obtained the Invisalign Provider Certificate in July 2017, the world's most advanced digital orthodontic treatment system and the world's largest invisible clear aligner provider.
  • Juru Branch Opening

    Our seventh branch is strategically located in a brand new rising business center in Bukit Mertajam, which is Juru Sentral Jaya Business Centre. We added a modern touch to this clinic to increase patient's comfort.
  • Relocation of Ipoh Branch

    In August 2019, we relocated our Ipoh branch back to Penang. Dr. Kong, the person-in-charge of our previous Ipoh clinic, set up her own practise in the same premise.
  • Bagan Ajam Branch Opening

    In September 2019, we established another branch at Bagan Ajam, Butterworth and this brand new clinic was fully equipped with state-of-art equipment to serve local community.
  • Kepala Batas Branch Opening

    We continue to expand and set up another new clinic in the same year itself. It is located in a new business center in Kepala Batas town, next to administrative offices of the Federal Government. We began our operation since December 2019 after obtaining our license from CKAPS.
  • COVID-19

    In line with the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the Movement Restriction Order was implemented throughout the country. We had gone through a self-quarantine to help curb the transmission of virus from 18th March to 12nd April, marked the longest service disruption in our history
  • Vaccination

    The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 became more and more serious in the beginning of year 2021. Thanks to Ministry of Health, we are consider as frontliners and allowed to get the Covid-19 vaccination in first batch of National Vaccination Programme. All of us received either Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine or Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine in April 2021.
  • Balik Pulau Branch Opening

    In August 2022, we established another branch at Balik Pulau, Penang island. It is located at the new business park at Botanica CT. The clinic was fully equipped with state-of-art equipment to serve local community.
  • Permatang Pauh Branch Opening

    In September 2022, we established another branch at Permatang Pauh, Seberang Perai Tengah. It is located at the Gravitas building, Pauh Jaya. The clinic was fully equipped with state-of-art equipment to serve local community