009 – Tooth Whitening (Home Bleaching)

Home bleaching are the most cost effective way of tooth whitening, it is effective, easy to apply and you can enhance the whitening effect anytime when desire a white smile.

The concentration of the oxidizing agents, Carbamide Peroxide normally are low, between 10%-22%. The application time various from 1 hour per day to overnight application depends on the concentration of the gel, continuously for 1-2 weeks. The chance of post
treatment sensitivity is reduce if follow propose application procedure. Self discipline (compliance) is the key of success for home bleaching. Avoid coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and stain food like curry during the active treatment period. Please note that bleaching will not change the colour of the existing filling and fixed prosthesis (crown or bridge).

1. The dentist will take an impression to duplicate your dental arch.

2. Fabrication of soft bleaching tray.

3. Dispense

4. Wearing the bleaching tray according to recommend hours.

5. Comparison of before and after photo.

Prepared by,
Dr Goon Yong Por
Dental Surgeon