004 – Magic Colour To Show Effectiveness of Tooth Brushing

Do you often suffer from tooth decay? Almost every visit to dentist will have some teeth need to do filling? Do your gum tends to bleed when brushing? Do the gum shown a band of redness near the tooth margin? If your answer is “YES” to any of above question, then you may not brush your teeth properly.

Bacterias is the main cause for tooth decay & gum disease. Acid released by the bacterias caused demineralization of enamel (calcium loss from tooth structure) which may progress to become a caries. Bacterias also caused inflammation on the surrounding gum, swollen of gum and bleeding tendency.

Bacterias are hiding (colonized) themselves inside the plaque, and barely for us to see them with our naked eye. The purpose of brushing teeth twice a day is to removed plaque which contain bacterias, but how effectiveness of your brushing in removing of plaque?

Now with the Plaque Check Gel (from GC Corporation, Japan), we can “SEE” the plaque and brush them away more effectively! It stain the bacterias and differential them into newly form plaque and mature plaque.

When it stain the teeth surface pink, it means the surface is covered by a layer of plaque which is formed within 24 hours. This layer of plaque is harmless to tooth because the amount of bacteria is less.

When it stain the teeth surface blue, it means the surface is covered by a layer of plaque which is formed more than 48 hours. This layer of plaque are harmful to tooth because the acid produced by the bacteria caused demineralization of enamel, and the teeth are in “HIGH RISK” of decay.

I recommend you to use this gel to have a interactive brushing session with your kids. This is a good to train our kids in proper tooth brushing technique.

Plaque present as a yellowish & sticky layer on the tooth surface, mainly near the gum margin. If you are not examine properly, may be you will  miss them and thought that your brushing is good.

Plaque Check Gel from GC Corporation Japan is a very useful dental hygiene education product. It stain the bacterias inside the plaque, and make the plaque visible.

Plaque check gel help to make the plaque “VISIBLE”. Apply the gel on the teeth and rinse, and you will see something like this. Pink is indicate plaque formed within 24 hours, BLUE indicate mature plaque which is more than 48 hours.

Do your best to brush away the stained plaque. This is what should the teeth look like after an effective toothbrushing. The inflamed gum take a few days to heal.

The whitish area (arrow) are demineralized area whereby the calcium loss from the enamel, caused by the acid producing bacterias. Later it will progress to be a cavity (circle) and filling of the cavity become necessary.


 Daily application of “Toothmousse” is
recommended to remineralize the
whitish area. It contains Amorphous
calcium phosphor which can be
“absorb” directly into the whitish area
to reform normal enamel structure.

 This adult seem have very good oral
hygiene, clean surface and healthy

 Plaque check gel still shown some
mature plaque, especially around the
gum margin and surface between 2
teeth. Those area are High Risk of