019 – Diastema Closure with Resin Composite

A diastema is a space or gap between two teeth, most commonly between the incisors. Diastema are common for children and can exist in adult teeth as well.

19-Picture 1

Diastema are primarily caused by imbalance in the relationship between the jaw and the size of teeth.

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If the labial frenulum (lip tissue) pulls, it can also push the teeth apart and cause a diastema between the center of the two front teeth.
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The other common reason is the posterior drift of canine and lateral incisors after extraction of premolars. 19-Picture 4

Periodontal disease may also contributed to the formation of diastema especially when lost of occlusal support from molars.
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Following is a case report on the solution of diastema with direct bonding of resin composite.

A 36 years old lady came to us and complaint of “gap” at her upper right anterior teeth. She requested a solution to close up the gap. 19-Picture 6

On clinical evaluation, we found that the gap is between the right central and lateral incisor, both of her central incisor have an existing composite filling which is badly stained.19-Picture 7

Several discussions with patient on treatment options, such as braces, crowning, veneering and direct composite bonding. After consideration of the duration of treatment and her financial status, we decided to go for direct resin composite restoration.

First, we removed both the existing composite fillings on her Upper Central Incisors, clean and disinfect the cavity, and redo the Resin Composite Restoration with Kerr Précis Composite from USA. 19-Picture 8

The diastema space width was measured and carefully distributed among the Upper Right Central Incisor and Upper Right Lateral Incisor, this is to ensure the golden proportion ratio of Width over length being observed to achieve esthetic and eye pleasing result. Same Resin Composite materials from Kerr USA was used to restored the teeth. 19-Picture 9

Patient very satisfied with her new esthetic smile, and thankful for solving her problems with a simple solution of Direct Bonded of Resin Composite.
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Prepared by
Dr Lee Chai Hon
Union Dental Surgery (Alma Branch)