014 – Case Report 2: Resin Bonded Composite Restoration

A 50 years old man, Chinese, complaint of his lower anterior spacing, causing difficulty in speech and he felt not esthetic when he smile. Clinical evaluation found that he had periodontal treatment before and now the disease under control. The lower anterior incisors were splinted with resin bonded metal splint on the inner surface (lingual side).  The gum is healthy, thick gingival biotype and wide band of keratinized mucosa. Overall oral hygiene is satisfaction, only small amount of plaque on the side surface of the incisors.


Treatment objective is to close up the gap between lower incisors, maintained the splint of the teeth, easy cleaning and oral hygiene maintenance. Because of his budget concern, he accepted the option of resin composite bonded bridge.


The appearance of the teeth when presented. Spacing between lower incisors due to periodontal disease and missing one incisor. Oral hygiene is fair, healthy gum. The teeth were splinted together with resin bonded metal splint.

The lower anterior segment was isolated with rubber dam, for easy control of saliva flow and better working field. The lower incisors tooth surface was prepared and clean.

The space was close up with resin bonded composite material. Built up layer by layer to mimic the original tooth structure. 

The restoration being contour to form proper incisors shape. Completed with fine polishing to get the shining and good surface texture.

 The completed case. No more gap, and the metal splint no longer see from front. The contour of the gum preserved. Patient was very satisfied.


Function and Oral hygiene maintained in good condition in follow up review.

Prepared by Dr Goon Yong Por.