024 – Restoration of badly fractured front tooth

Fracture teeth can be caused by untreated dental caries, dental trauma, heavy restored tooth. There are various option to solve this problem such as extraction followed by denture/ implant/ fixed bridge or root canal treated followed by crown placement.

A 35 years old male patient visited our dental clinic to seek treatment for his badly broken tooth(tooth 11). Pt claimed previously had trauma on his front tooth causing the tooth fracture few years back but asymptomatic. Today he visited us and wish for an extraction for his badly broken front tooth. 

Various options given to the pt for replacing his tooth such as implant/ denture / root canal treatment followed by crown.  After explaining the pros and cons of various treatment. Pt decided to go for root canal treatment followed by post and crown as it is the only way to retain his tooth.

Firstly , full mouth scaling is done due to poor oral hygiene.  Then, the tooth is isolated with rubber dam (green colour sheet) and the root canal procedure begins. Isolation with rubber dam during the root canal procedure is crucial to increase the success rate of the treatment.

After completing the root canal treatment, fiber post is placed to strengthen the tooth due to heavily loss of tooth structure

Crown preparation done and impression for crown is taken

Provisional restoration is done to replace his tooth as temporary measurement.

Few weeks later, crown is ready and is cemented. Pt is satisfied with the shade and appearance. After the procedure, pt can now smile confidently.

6 months review, the gingival tissue surrounding the crown remained healthy, and the texture of the gingival recovered.

Prepared by,

Dr Lee Quan-Senn

Dental Surgeon, Alma Branch