022 – Closing the gap of missing teeth

Missing upper front teeth or spacing among teeth is a very common aesthetic complaint of patient. It can be caused by extracted teeth, abnormal tooth shape, high frenum attachment or periodontal disease which leads to unsatisfactory look and lack of confidence. There are various options to solve such cases depending on cause of problems such as implant or bridge for extracted teeth, veneer or crowns for abnormal shaped teeth or orthodontic treatment for generalised spacing.


A 40 year old female patient came to our clinic to seek treatment for her missing 2 upper central incisors (tooth number 11 & 21). She feels its very ugly and looks old. Upon examination, there is a gap measuring approximately 5mm in between both lateral incisor.

Various treatment options were given to the patient such as bridges, veneers or direct composites filling. After considering the treatment time and cost, she decided to go for direct composite restoration. The advantages for choosing direct composites are FAST as can be done in a single visit; REVERSIBLE, CONSERVATIVE and CHEAPER compared to other choices given.

First the caries on her left lateral incisor are removed and disinfected. Surfaced of the teeth are etched and bonded. Composite resin are then carefully added to the surface to achieve good result. The spacing are carefully planned and composites are placed precisely to the width of both teeth in order to achieve high aesthetic result and not to disturb the harmonious smile.


After the procedure, the patient is very satisfied with her new smile and no longer worried about her missing teeth. A simple composite resin doesn’t just work by restoring cavity, it can also helps to make one person’s smile beautiful.

Prepared by

Dr Geh Chee Wen, Sg Bakap Branch