026 – Lower Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth) Surgery

Wisdom tooth is referring to the third molar. It is a normal tooth if the eruption path correct, and suppose to serve the mastification (chewing) function. Unfortunately for Asian people, our lower jaw are relatively small compare to the teeth size, causing the third molar to  alter it eruption pathway and further lead to due to lack of space in the posterior region for it to erupt properly. The radiography image below (picture 1) show  normally erupted lower left third molar, and impacted lower right third molar.

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025 – Impacted Tooth

Impacted tooth is a tooth that is completely or partially unerupted and is blocked from other tooth, bone or soft tissue so that its eruption is unlikely.

The gradual evolutionary reduction of human jaws has resulted in jaws are too small to accommodate their teeth.  The third molar  (wisdom tooth) is the last tooth to erupt and so it may likely become either impacted or displaced if there is inadequate space for it within the dental arch.

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