Crown & Bridge

024 – Restoration of badly fractured front tooth

Fracture teeth can be caused by untreated dental caries, dental trauma, heavy restored tooth. There are various option to solve this problem such as extraction followed by denture/ implant/ fixed bridge or root canal treated followed by crown placement.

A 35 years old male patient visited our dental clinic to seek treatment for his badly broken tooth(tooth 11). Pt claimed previously had trauma on his front tooth causing the tooth fracture few years back but asymptomatic. Today he visited us and wish for an extraction for his badly broken front tooth.  Read more

022 – Closing the gap of missing teeth

Missing upper front teeth or spacing among teeth is a very common aesthetic complaint of patient. It can be caused by extracted teeth, abnormal tooth shape, high frenum attachment or periodontal disease which leads to unsatisfactory look and lack of confidence. There are various options to solve such cases depending on cause of problems such as implant or bridge for extracted teeth, veneer or crowns for abnormal shaped teeth or orthodontic treatment for generalised spacing.


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017- Case Report 3: Composite Bridge to replace missing central incisor

25 years old male, presented with missing upper right central incisor, he requested “to do something” to close up the gap so that he can “save more money and become rich”. Is a traditional believe among Chinese population that a gap between incisor will cause losing money in their fortune!

He lost the tooth during childhood, alleged fell from bicycle and the tooth avulsed. His parent does not have the knowledge of preserve the avulsed tooth and replanting it, so they just leave the missing tooth untreated.

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015 – Dental Crown

A 24 years old lady came to us and complaint of blackish top front tooth. She requested a solution by which she will be able to smile confidently during her wedding time after 1 month.

Clinical evaluation found that her upper left incisor was root canal treated and discolored. On top of that, the tooth also situated slightly inside of her lower front teeth (“cross bite”) . The gum is healthy and thick gingival biotype. Overall oral hygiene considered satisfactory.

2015-06-dental-crown1The treatment plan  is to crowned her tooth as well as correct the cross bite. We offered  her different types of crown, which is PFM, Ceramage, E-max and Zirconia. After discussing with her , she decided to go for PFM( porcelain fused to metal crown) because of budget limitation.

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