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002 – The Important of Saving A Deciduous Molar (Milk Tooth)?


Why dentist always ask us to save a deciduous molar when our young kids (below 7years) having a toothache? This is a situation most parents facing when bringing their child for an extraction of a pain & decayed deciduous molar. Why not just remove it and help the kids ‘solve” the problem? Anyhow it is a milk teeth and eventually will be replaced by permanent tooth, why the dentist still proposed to do “pulpotomy” to keep the problematic milk tooth?

First, we need to knowing the timing of eruption of permanent teeth. The following diagram help to understand the eruption sequence.

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001 – Management of Avulsed Permanent Incisor

Avulsion is sudden separation of a tooth from it socket caused by trauma. Normally happen to the player without wearing a sport mouthguard in the body contact sports like ruby or basketball,  when the front teeth been knocked, the incisors will luxated or avulsed. Read more

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Dental care is important to everyone, it can improve your health if dental care is well taken. There are several steps you can take to avoid dental problems, for example: – Read more

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