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006 – Management of Fractured Upper Incisor – Part 1

Management of Fractured Upper Incisor – Part 1 (Uncomplicated fractured – not exposed the pulp tissue)

If we having a fractured upper incisor caused by trauma on the tooth (either due to motor vehicle accident or a fall), depending on the everity of fractured, we might have a change to restore it conservatively with direct composite filling material. we sub-classified it to uncomplicated fractured (where pulp chamber not involve and pulpal tissue are not exposed) and complicated fractured (where the fractured extended into the pulp chamber and pulpal tissue is exposed to the oral cavity and subject to contamination). Here, I am showing you the conservative way to restore the fractured tooth with direct composite restoration. Of course, restoring the fractured tooth with crowning is one of the option. Read more

005 – Mum, This is not my fault (Mandarin)



怎麽妈妈,您又牙齿疼了吗?每回您蛀牙疼痛时, 就会告诉我说,我骨骼里的钙质都摄取自您牙齿表层的法琅质。您常说,怀胎十月, 让我把您牙里边的钙质都吸光了。这是真的吗?妈妈您太伟大了, 谢谢您给我的这一身健硕的骨骼,还有宝贵的生命。 Read more

004 – Magic Colour To Show Effectiveness of Tooth Brushing

Do you often suffer from tooth decay? Almost every visit to dentist will have some teeth need to do filling? Do your gum tends to bleed when brushing? Do the gum shown a band of redness near the tooth margin? If your answer is “YES” to any of above question, then you may not brush your teeth properly. Read more

003 – Is your kids has a confident smile? (Mandarin)


您可发现您刚上幼儿园或小学的儿子开始没有开怀大笑,开始不爱开口说话,开始性格变得自我封闭,成几何时遇到滑稽的情况时会掩嘴偷偷的笑。。。。。。细心的查询下, 才发现原来他们失去了微笑的天使- 門牙。同学朋友们的嘲笑, 长辈们的讥讽,渐渐的让没有微笑天使的小心灵不再微笑。他们开始不喜欢开口让人看到牙齿,讨厌别人讨论其牙齿,慢慢的拒决参加讲故事,唱歌比赛,不爱争取表现机会, 从而影响其身心发展。我们该如何防范于未然呢?一般父母都知道多吃甜食会让牙齿受到侵蚀,正确的护理是口腔和牙齿健康的首要条件。但又有多少父母真正的严厉制行, 多少父母放弃利用糖果来哄骗孩子呢? Read more