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010 – Impact of Molar Extraction to the Existing Dentition

What will you do if you are having a toothache from a caries molar? Do you prefer to save it regardless the cost and method, or just want to take the simple way out by extract it?

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009 – Tooth Whitening (Home Bleaching)

Home bleaching are the most cost effective way of tooth whitening, it is effective, easy to apply and you can enhance the whitening effect anytime when desire a white smile. Read more

008 – Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)


The colour of the tooth is determine by the dentine colour, it various from individual to individual and also different ethnic group. Chinese and Malays will tends to have slight yellowish tooth. The colour of the dentine getting more saturated with ageing.

The brightness (value) of the tooth is regulated by the thickness and translucency property of the enamel. The higher the brightness (value) of the enamel, the whiter the tooth. We have thicker enamel during young, and the enamel layer become thinner due to aging and wearing caused by mastication process. Read more

007 – Management of Fractured Upper Incisor – Part 2

Management of Fractured Upper Incisor – Part 2
(Complicated Fractured – exposed the pulp tissue)

In the last blog, we discussed about the management of the uncomplicated fractured upper central incisor. What to do if the fractured involved the pulp chamber and leads to pulpal tissue exposure. It will depends on the situation to judge clinically what are the available treatment option. Read more