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014 – Case Report 2: Resin Bonded Composite Restoration

A 50 years old man, Chinese, complaint of his lower anterior spacing, causing difficulty in speech and he felt not esthetic when he smile. Clinical evaluation found that he had periodontal treatment before and now the disease under control. The lower anterior incisors were splinted with resin bonded metal splint on the inner surface (lingual side).  The gum is healthy, thick gingival biotype and wide band of keratinized mucosa. Overall oral hygiene is satisfaction, only small amount of plaque on the side surface of the incisors.


Treatment objective is to close up the gap between lower incisors, maintained the splint of the teeth, easy cleaning and oral hygiene maintenance. Because of his budget concern, he accepted the option of resin composite bonded bridge. Read more

013 – A Case study on Severe Periodontal Disease

A 40 years old Chinese lady complaint of her mobile upper central incisors, requested to save the teeth. Clinical examined found that her both upper central incisors are suffered from severe periodontal disease (known as advance stage of chronic adult periodontitis), almost half of the supporting alveolar bone loss, the teeth were mobile and protruding. Her overall oral hygiene was poor, a lots of calculus (tartar) deposited especially on the lower teeth. This is due to seldom visit to dentist because of dental phobia.


She was informed that both incisors have to be extracted because of the severe periodontal disease, and she need to show her willingness to improve her oral hygiene before any permanent prosthesis to be done to replace the extracted central incisors. Read more

012 – Tooth Infection Related To Dens Evagination

The appearance of teeth varies in sizes in different individuals but they have a typical shape to serve their specific functions. Premolar teeth have two cusps on the occlusal surface. These are the normal anatomy of premolars.

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011 – Severely Carious Upper Front Teeth That Affect Smiling and Self Confidence

A set of well align teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but also make your appearance pleasant to other people. It is an impact to the appearance if someone lost the front teeth, it leads to loss of self confidence and might have changes in attitude, or worst, become anti-social. Below is a case report of similar condition.

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