General Dentistry

023 – Why scaling is important?

Dental scaling, cleaning, and also known as oral prophylaxis is the removal of plaque and calculus from the teeth. So, what is plaque and what is calculus?

Dental plaque is a non-mineralized, thin, sticky film and mass of bacteria that grows on the teeth surfaces; it adheres to the tooth surfaces firmly and resists removal by our saliva in the mouth. These bacteria use ingredients found in our diet and saliva to grow. Plaque contains bacteria, which come in contact with a meal or snack containing sugars or starches can release acids that attack tooth. Repeated attacks can break down the enamel layer of teeth, ultimately leading to tooth decay.

Dental calculus is actually the hardened form of plaque resulting from the mineralization process in our mouth. It composed of millions of bacterial cells calcified together with calcium phosphae which comes from the saliva.

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018 – Occlusal Trauma Of Anterior Crossbite Teeth

What is occlusal trauma?

Occlusal trauma is a dental term that refers to the damage incurred when teeth are left in traumatic occlusion without proper treatment. (Definition by Wikipedia)

018-Picture 1


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016 – Oral Cancer

What is Oral Cancer?


It can be defined as an abnormal growth in the oral cavity. Usually it presents at the cheek, tongue, floor of mouth and lip.

According to National Cancer Registry (NCR), in Malaysia, oral cancer is:
– 21st most common cancer
– 17th most common cancer in males
– 16th in females
– Predominant among Indian ethnic group
– Highest in Indian females

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013 – A Case study on Severe Periodontal Disease

A 40 years old Chinese lady complaint of her mobile upper central incisors, requested to save the teeth. Clinical examined found that her both upper central incisors are suffered from severe periodontal disease (known as advance stage of chronic adult periodontitis), almost half of the supporting alveolar bone loss, the teeth were mobile and protruding. Her overall oral hygiene was poor, a lots of calculus (tartar) deposited especially on the lower teeth. This is due to seldom visit to dentist because of dental phobia.


She was informed that both incisors have to be extracted because of the severe periodontal disease, and she need to show her willingness to improve her oral hygiene before any permanent prosthesis to be done to replace the extracted central incisors. Read more