Cosmetic Dentistry

021 – Simple Composite Restorations For Anterior Teeth

Dental caries is one of the most common reason that causes oral pain in our population.However , as people are more self conscious nowadays, they start to realize that dental caries not only affect the functional habits but also their smile.

A person with carious upper anterior teeth will be easily noticeable when he/she talk and smile. This affect the patient’s self esteem and self confidence.Thanks to the modern composite filling material that today we can give back the confident smile to the patient. With advancement in dental technology, properties of dental composite material has highly improved. Not only they have better strengh and easier manipulation  but they also provide better aesthetic that can give us  natural look.

Below is a patient came to our clinic and request for filling of her upper anterior teeth. Upon examination, caries noted at Mesial surface of Upper Right Lateral Incisor (Tooth #12), Mesial surface of Upper Right Central Incisor (Tooth #11), Mesial and Distal surface of Upper Left Central Incisor (Tooth # 21), Mesial surface of Upper Left Central Incisor (Tooth #22). A simple composite restoration was done for her under local anaesthesia.

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020 – Crooked teeth

Case Report


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009 – Tooth Whitening (Home Bleaching)

Home bleaching are the most cost effective way of tooth whitening, it is effective, easy to apply and you can enhance the whitening effect anytime when desire a white smile. Read more

008 – Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)


The colour of the tooth is determine by the dentine colour, it various from individual to individual and also different ethnic group. Chinese and Malays will tends to have slight yellowish tooth. The colour of the dentine getting more saturated with ageing.

The brightness (value) of the tooth is regulated by the thickness and translucency property of the enamel. The higher the brightness (value) of the enamel, the whiter the tooth. We have thicker enamel during young, and the enamel layer become thinner due to aging and wearing caused by mastication process. Read more